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Invest in knowledge, Grow your business

About us

JKLP Global Limited is an online training & consulting company that provides interactive, engaging, effective and efficient Learning Management Solutions. With the continued emergence of new technologies and new business needs, JKLP GLOBAL recognizes that the skills required to succeed tomorrow are not necessarily the same skills required to succeed today. Time being a factor, there is a need to focus on efforts to bring change and hence, provide a friendly learning platform..

Our history

We provide Learning Management Solutions that will help you sharpen skills and knowledge for continuous growth. We are certified by the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA)

  • Vision- To inspire the acquisition of tomorrow’s knowledge and skills, today.
  • Mission- To be a global leader in the provision of innovative learning solutions that empower leadership and career growth.
  • Core values-
    • RESPECT- due regards for feelings, wishes or rights of others.
    • PROFESSIONALISM- competence and skills.
    • INNOVATION- new methods and ideas.
    • COMMITMENT- dedicated to a cause.
    • INTEGRITY- strong moral principles.
    • TEAMWORK- collaborative effort.


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